Dump the toxic people out of your life. Get them gone. Kick them to the curb. Stop maintaining relationships with people that make you feel guilty about things that you like, that make you feel shitty about yourself, that put you down, that don’t fucking support you, that are mean. You just get those people and shove them out of your life. Delete them off of Facebook, break it down easily. Just kind of fizzle out with the contact. Let it be like almost as if it might be growing apart. Just get rid of those people, because instead of just maintaining these “relationships” with people for the sake of just being polite or civil, you can be civil without having people that you can’t stand in your life and you’ll be so much happier. You need to stop maintaining relationships with toxic people because it’s just not good for you and it’s not worth any of your time.
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A comic book about the lives of Filipina migrant workers

Toronto-based artists, Althea Balmes and Jo SiMalaya Alcampo are creating a community comic book in collaboration with Filipina migrant workers in the Live-in Caregiver Program called, “Kwentong Bayan: Labour of Love”. In the Filipino language, “kwentong bayan” is the literal translation of “community stories”. The artists will present work-in-progress and caregivers will share real-life stories.

The Live-in Caregiver Program continues to be heavily contested and at the centre of many controversies. Many Canadians rely on this program to access affordable care for vulnerable members of their families.

Many Filipinas leave their own families and work abroad to cope with the unstable economy in the Philippines. 

Also check out Filipino Web Channel three-part videos on the project:


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dangermooch asked: Jenni, you are cool. I super respect your decision to distance yourself from straight cis white dudes. I'm tired of watching, hearing, going to shows that are all white dude bands. I wish there was a sweet grrl club with grrl bands and grrl bartenders and grrl owners/operators and we could dance in our bras or not if we don't wear them. And no dudes would creep and it would be amazing. If that place ever exists, lemme know and I will spend all my time there.

haha. but seriously, i appreciate what you said. thank you.
i will let you know. that notification is probably very far off in edmonton, but if there is an inkling, i will let you know.


I’m too gay for this shit.
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Maybe I have gone past a point of no return into separatism.

I deeply love the straight cis white men that I know, but new ones have to work hard to turn my head. All my energy is for my community.

Why? Because I know they will be fine. They take care of each other. They don’t need me.

I’m terrible with time and have boundless enthusiasm for new things new people. I need to narrow my sights for a while. Step in if you want.

Somebody explain Future Islands to me. Because to me the whole thing is a world of white men wetting themselves over one white man being a gorilla. But a sincere one.

I will listen to Singles. I will watch other performances (than that one). I’ve read interviews. Yes. He is nice.

That’s what get’s me about this. He’s a person who is decent who is honest. For being a straight cis white man that isn’t an asshole you get fucking medals. Am I way off here?

I honestly feel nothing watching them. I will try harder.


Like fiery eyeball thing, no problem. But don’t even try to imagine a Samoan elf. (x)

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Using major jetlag to my advantage, I am starting a tour routine of exploring town with the morning sun.

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'it’s hard to be sad about your body when you think of it as a landscape. you don’t criticize a mountain for being too big, or a valley for being too winding, and no one ever complains about the vastness of the sea. you are part of the earth and you are so beautiful.
beautiful, because everywhere you are is perfect.’
it’s not your job to feel beautiful or to even feel comfortable in your own body…but what if you did? what if you gave that to yourself? without apology and without condition? you’ll never be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can sure be your own if you wanted to. drink yourself up.

porn and fetish blogs, fuck off. i’m not here for you.


This is so very shameful.

the fuck ‘Berta

You can say “Bitch” on national television but you can’t say “Shit” because in our society it’s more acceptable to degrade women than poop.
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